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Robert L. Dorszynski

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----- About Us -----

What We Do...

The primary focus of Robert Dorszynski's practice is serving as a third-party financial fiduciary in administering trusts, estates and conservatorships. 

Given this primary focus, we represent other individual clients on a very limited basis.

Most of our referrals come from other attorneys, courts, protective services agencies and similar people and organizations in the community.

Common Circumstances Where We Serve:

  • Trust, Estate and Conservatorship matters contested in court
  • Inter-family conflicts involving the administration of a trust, estate or conservatorship
  • Financial exploitation intervention of elderly or impaired individuals
  • Mitigation and remediation of prior fiduciary negligence or malfeasance

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  • More than 30 years of experience providing financial fiduciary services
  • Experienced in administering complicated and problematic estates
  • Experienced in compiling and preparing forensic accountings and serving as an expert witness
  • Impartial to all parties (not interested in participating in family dysfunction)
  • We primarily serve the Mid-Willamette Valley region, although we have served throughout the state


  • We do not serve as a guardian or health care representative
  • We do not serve as a co-fiduciary
  • While we administer trusts and estates, we do no estate planning

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1855 Fairgrounds Rd. NE

Salem, Oregon 97301


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